Monday, October 27, 2008


cashmere!, originally uploaded by oishiiknits.

it's turned mighty cold in the evenings so i decided to pull out the cashmere yarn and have a bit of fun.

six new hats to post!

will be up on etsy tomorrow - stay tuned...

p.s. the show last thursday was tons of fun. sorry no pics (dim lighting). reconnected with old friends and met some new ones. will post more later!

Monday, October 20, 2008

autumn-winter 08

autumn-winter 08 warm colors, originally uploaded by oishiiknits.

whew! halfway through production for the appel and frank show this thursday

here's a sampling of what's to come. warm colors (above) and cool colors (below)

check my shopshop! later this week for the newest goodies - hot off the needles

Monday, October 13, 2008

oishii on the front page (of etsy, of course)

etsy fp 10*13*08, originally uploaded by oishiiknits.

gorgeous front page treasury from theseawithin!

the "twins" hats have made a resurgence and i'm inspired to make more hats for multiples...

of course, i missed SEEING the front page because i was napping. while playing hooky from school. (bad bad naughty girl, i know).

so incredibly hard to come home to responsibility after a weekend frolicking with your hubby. drats!

road trips and websites...

just back from a lovely wedding on the beach in santa barbara this weekend.

did NOT get any work done and had way too much fun.

to atone (a naughty weekend on the beach in santa barbara ain't cheap) i've been toying with weebly creating a new free website for oishii.

have a gander and let me know what you think...

(ahem... and did you notice the new banner for the blog?)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

pssst! i am creating a crew of new dolls and ummm... they are amazing!!

well, this one is a teaser... no pics! at least not yet.

i am creating seven new dolls for castle in the air (the most lovely of shops on 4th street in berkeley).

i absolutely adore them. these cousins of lefty, paolo and claudette are an international crew - hailing from every corner of the planet.

each has a story and a tiny treasure hidden inside. they are oh-so-super-yummy-oishii i can hardly stand it!

please stay tuned for more details...

upcoming shows!

paolo, originally uploaded by oishiiknits.

i have three fantastic shows coming up in october, november and december. all should be so-much-oishii-super-fun... hoping to see you there!

oct. 23rd in sf - appel and frank's eco-chic shopping event
nov. 9th in marin - appel and frank's babes and babies event
dec. 6th in berkeley - nest trunk show at studio grow (stay tuned for more details!)

click the links for more information!

new items in shop!

19c, originally uploaded by oishiiknits.

well, hello! i've been away from the blog for a while but am happy to let you know that i have some new items in the shop.

new fun colors and textures (yipee!) in hats and blankets.

please, have a peek!