Friday, May 16, 2008


We are in the midst of a heat wave and I've developed an itch I can't scratch. Creative angst. I love this feeling because I know where it leads. New, yummy, odd creations are on the way. I've got a wild glint in my eye that definitely makes my husband nervous.

I don't want to be responsible and prepare for orders in the fall. I don't want to study my favorite paintings and decide on a workable palette for a collection. I want to take all of my yummy cashmere and make a big multi-colored blankie. I want to knit a life-size Claudette. I want to make things that are wasteful and silly. I want to make a peacock out of silk tie fabric remnants.

I'm sure I'll have to tame the beast before too long. We do have a mortgage to pay after all. But for now I am riding the itch. And I don't need no stinking scratch.

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